Tri-Function Heels Off-Loader System
Tri-Function Heels Off-Loader System

Tri-Function Heels Off-Loader System

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The Skil-Care Tri-Function Heels Off-Loader System reduces the likelihood of developing pressure ulcers. It can be used with or without the detachable foot-drop block and is available in short or long height size. The heels off-loader (curved back) is used primarily to off-load the heels. The front, higher curve elevates the knees between 5 and 10 degree which helps relieve the pressure off the spine. When the block is attached, the foot drop can be controlled. Depending on the orientation of the block, the foot drop plane can accommodate a 90° or 110° angle. The Heel Off-Loader and the Foot Drop Block can also be purchased separately.


Tri-Function Heels Off-Loader System Features:

  • Suspends heels off the bed
  • Places the knee in a 5° to 10° flexion position
  • Elevates legs to relax the spine
  • Distributes the weight of the leg along the calf
  • Two position foot drop block
  • Reduces the risk of pressure ulcer development
  • Detachable straps that adjust for any leg length
  • Low-Shear II cover reduces skin-damaging friction and wipes clean for easy care


Reorder# Description Size Unit
503188 Tri-Function Heel Off-Loader System - Short 18" Long EA
503185 Tri-Function Heel Off-Loader System - Long 22" Long EA
503189 Heel Off-Loader for 503188 System 22"L x 20"W x 7"H EA
503186 Heel Off-Loader for 503185 System 22"L x 20"W x 7"H EA
503187 Foot Drop Block for 503185 & 503188 Heel Off-Loader System 7"L x 20"W x 12"H EA