Sleeper Jacket
Sleeper Jacket

Sleeper Jacket

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The Sleeper Jacket adds an additional level of safety for patients at night as it provides a secure restraint that prevents them from leaving the bed.

Sleeper Jacket Features: 

  • Sleeved jacket is difficult for the resident to remove
  • Zipper back makes application easy
  • Wrap-around waist belt allows the resident to sleep in any position
  • All straps secure under the bed, safely out of the resident’s reach
  • May also be used as an effective wheelchair restraint
  • Available in two fabrics: Poly Weave and CooLine Mesh


Select proper size for your patient:

Size  Weight (lb./kg.)
Small 80-130/36-59
Medium 130-160/59-73
Large 160-200/73-91



SKU# Description Size Unit
305103 Sleeper Jacket - Poly Weave Small EA
305113 Sleeper Jacket - CooLine Mesh Small EA
305104 Sleeper Jacket - Poly Weave Medium EA
305114 Sleeper Jacket - CooLine Mesh Medium EA
305105 Sleeper Jacket - Poly Weave Large EA
305115 Sleeper Jacket - CooLine Mesh Large EA