SkiL-Care Wheelchair Cozy Seat Covering

Skil-Care Wheelchair Cozy Seat Covering

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The Skil-Care Wheelchair Cozy Seat Covering is designed to provide great comfort, warmth and pressure relief with its Polyfoam padding. Covered in soft, launderable and cozy cloth fabric, they come in 2 models that fit any 16" or 18 " wheelchair. Using loops and Velcro straps, these Wheelchair Cozy Seat Covers are ideal to reduce restlessness and protects residents against bruises caused by direct contact with metal wheelchair parts.

Skil-Care Wheelchair Cozy Seat Covering Features:
  • Polyfoam padding for enhanced comfort
  • Reduces restlessness
  • Soft, launderable and cozy cloth fabric cover
  • Available models compatible with either 16”x16” or 18”x16” wheelchairs
  • Can be easily installed with loops and Velcro straps
SKU # Description Size Unit
703005 Wheelchair Cozy Seat. 16" W/C  Fits 16" W/C EA
703006 Wheelchair Cozy Seat. 18" W/C  Fits 18" W/C EA