Skil-Care Transfer and Reposition Sheets
Skil-Care Roll Sheet
Skil-Care Roll sheet
Skil-Care Slide sheet
Skil-Care Slide sheet

Skil-Care Transfer and Reposition Sheets

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Skil-Care Transfer and Re-position Sheets are designed to help in the stabilizing and positioning of the bed ridden residents as well as minimizing the risk of injury for the healthcare workers. Nurses and care-giving staff will have much easier time re-positioning patients while providing the best care and minimizing additional stress on the patient. These sheets are made of low-friction material that glides, reducing resistance that eases positioning and transfer. Sheets can be placed under any of the transfer systems with reduced friction and effort required when transferring residents and can also be used one time or be cleaned and laundered for repeat use.

Skil-Care Transfer and Reposition Sheet Features:
  • Facilitates the transfer and re-positioning of bed lying residents.
  • Reduces time and caregiver effort.
  • Low-friction fabric helps to prevent shear and friction forces on resident’s skin.
  • Remains resilient against repeated washing
  • Fluid-proof barrier protects linens and mattress and allows easy use as a transfer aid.
SKU # Description Size Unit
556068 Skil-Care Roll Sheet  46"L x 38"W EA
556069 Skil-Care Slide Flat Sheet w/Handles  48"L x 40"W EA
556070 Skil-Care Roll Sheet  50"L x 42"W EA