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Skil Care Crash Pad
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Skil Care Crash Pad

Skil-Care Crash Pads

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Sturdy enough for jumping, yet soft enough for sitting and resting, the unique Skil-Care Crash Pad was developed primarily for young adults to serve as a fall pad whether for exercises or learning appropriate responses to falling. In many situations, children with developmental delay or sensory integration disorder need to learn the appropriate falling procedures associated with a primitive reflex called the moro reflex. The Skil-Care Crash Pad is ideal for daycare centers, reading rooms, and the home.

The optional outer cover can be laundered at temperatures below 180 degrees Fahrenheit, or wiped clean with a standard cleaning solution. 

Skil-Care Crash Pad Features:

  • Assists in improving vestibular and proprioceptive senses
  • Pad can be used for extreme physical play or relaxation
  • Durable construction with ample foam filling
  • Optional removable and washable cover available

 Shipped with foam compressed

SKU# Description Size Unit
914750 Medium Crash Pad 4'L x 3'W EA
914752 Large Crash Pad 5'L x 5'W EA
914756 Optional Outer Cover for Medium Crash Pad 4'L x 3'W EA
914758 Optional Outer Cover for Large Crash Pad 5'L x 5'W EA