Pelvic Holder
Pelvic Holder
Pelvic Holder

Pelvic Holder

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This Pelvic Holder is designed for wheelchair patients who accidentally slide off the seat and require restraint to prevent injury. It offers posture support while seated in a wheelchair. Effective, easy-application slider control. 

Pelvic Holder Features:

  • Tapered, hourglass design fits comfortably between the resident’s legs
  • Waist straps secure behind the wheelchair, out of the resident’s easy reach
  • Available in two fabrics: Poly Weave and CooLine Mesh 

Select proper size for your patient:

Size Weight (lb./kg.)
Small-Medium  up to 170/up to 77
Medium-Large over 170/ over 77


SKU# Description Size Unit
303311 Pelvic Holder, Poly Weave Small/Medium EA
303312 Pelvic Holder, Poly Weave Medium/Large EA
303321 Pelvic Holder, CooLine Mesh Small/Medium EA
303322 Pelvic Holder, CooLine Mesh Medium/Large EA