Padded Mitten Restraints
Padded Mitten Restraints
Padded Mitten Restraints
Padded Mitten Restraints
Padded Mitten Restraints

Padded Mitten Restraints

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Padded Mitten Restraints are specially designed hand control mitts for elder care and used to prevent the resident from scratching, picking or bruising other residents or themselves. Packaged with separate straps to limit the resident’s arm movement and can be laundered and dried at temperatures up to 180o (82oC). Do not bleach. 

Available in 5 Variants and sold in pairs

Padded Mitt Features

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Cushioned with 3/4-inch-thick  foam padding
  • Cool Line Mesh cover promotes air circulation and allows visual inspection
  • Convenient closure eliminates cumbersome shoelace ties
  • Can be used in bed or wheelchair

 Padded-Plus Mitt Features

  • Amply cushioned with 2” thick foam padding
  • Easy-to-secure closure eliminates cumbersome shoelace ties
  • Added hook and loop to prevent a loose end
  • For use in wheelchair or bed

Rigid Palm Padded Mitt Features:  

  • Rigid insert restricts resident’s ability to grab tubes
  • Cushioned with 1” thick padding
  • Separate finger channels control hand contracture
  • Mesh top piece promotes air circulation and allows visual inspection

E-Z View Padded Mitt Features

  • Effectively limits finger and hand control
  • Easy inspection by caregiver
  • Fits either hand
  • One size fits most adults

Finger Separator Mitt Features

  • Separate finger channels control hand contracture
  • Cushioned with 2” thick padding
  • CooLine Mesh top piece promotes air circulation and allows for visual inspection
  • Fits either hand 
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