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Liberator Solar Assisted Power Chair

Solar Mobility, LLC
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Engineered by a US Navy Veteran, the Liberator Solar Assisted Power Chair features the most clinically advanced technology for the handicapped today. The Solar Companion was constructed with Advanced Military Grade Solar Panel's that significantly extend the travel range of any electric or battery powered mobility device, while also helping to prolong the life of the battery itself. Powered by the sun, and any ambient light, the battery is consistently trickled charge whether parked, roaming about, and whether the Companion is in its upright or collapsed position.

Liberator Features:

  • Superior design provides the very best in quality, comfort and style.
  • With a low center of gravity, The Liberator is the most stable unit in its class.
  • Excellent maneuverability: 0° turning radius
  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • Patented.

Air-Ride Suspension

Solar Mobility’s state-of-the-art suspension system absorbs ALL jarring and friction, to give you an ultra-smooth ride that’s easy on your back and joints. It relieves pressure where you would normally feel it most!

Air-Cooled Seat 

One of the biggest enemies for the mobility-challenged is heat build-up.
Solar Mobility’s air-cooled seat keeps your body cool, dry and ulcer free.

Prevents Skin Ulcers and Surgeries

The combination of an air-ride suspension system and The Liberator’s seat — specially made to keep even long-haul truckers happy for hours at a time —
provides day to day comfort, relieves aches and pains and eliminates painful skin ulcers, shear factor, and surgeries that can result from such wear and tear on your body.

To learn more about the Liberator, please check out the flyer here.


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