Foot Drop Boot
Foot Drop Boot
Foot Drop Boot - Extended Toe

Foot Drop Boot

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The Skil-Care™ FootDrop Boot is a rigid, supportive plastic boot that controls plantar flexion and helps prevent foot drop. The heel is suspended over a molded cavity for great pressure relief. Designed with synthetic sheepskin cover and wide padded straps, this product is offers superior comfort, protecting residents against skin shear. This Foot Drop Boot does not restrict a resident's mobility.

Available in three sizes with optional extended toe in Medium size.

Foot Drop Boot Features:
  • Controls plantar flexion
  • Synthetic sheepskin liner provides comfort, prevents bruising and minimizes shear force
  • Heel is suspended above a cavity for maximum pressure relief
  • Synthetic sheepskin is removable and launderable
  • With extended toe support keeps blankets and sheets off toes
  • With extended lateral support residents can stabilize leg rotation
  • Universal - Fits either foot