Foam Padded Armrest Cushions - Half Arm
Foam Padded Armrest Cushions - Extended Half Arm
Reclining Wheelchair Backrest, Extended Full Arm - Nylon Cover
Foam Padded Armrest Cushions

Foam Padded Armrest Cushions

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Skil-Care Foam Padded Armrest Cushions are designed to provide great comfort and protect resident's arms and elbows from bruises caused by direct contact with metal  wheelchair parts/frames. Featuring the nylon covering, these cushions are available for full arm and half arm wheelchairs. For improved and added protection, also available: the extended full-arm model.

Foam Padded Armrest Cushion Features:
  • Foam-padded armrest with nylon covering
  • Attached easily and securely using Velcro® hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Full-arm and half-arm padded cushions are available
  • For added protection, extended full-arm model is also available
  • Fits standard open-arm wheelchairs 
  • Launderable and easy to wipe clean
SKU # Description Size Unit
703015 Full Armrest Pads- Nylon Cover 15"L  PR 
703016 Half Armrest Pads- Nylon Cover 11"L  PR 
703130 Extended Full Armrest Pads - Nylon Cover 22"L  PR 
703131 Extended Half Armrest Pads- Nylon Cover 18"L  PR