Elbow Pad Protectors
Elbow Pad Protectors

Elbow Pad Protectors

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Elbow Pads protect sensitive skin from breakdown caused by pressure. They also guard against skin tears resulting from contact with the wheelchair. These pads are as comfortable as they are protective. Available in two types of pads: Synthetic Sheepskin and Visco-Foam in low shear II cover. Synthetic Sheepskin Elbow Pads are completely launderable. Whereas the Visco-Foam Elbow Pads aren’t and could be wiped clean with a standard disinfectant.


Elbow Pad Protectors Highlights:

  •  Prevents pressure sores 
  •  Increases comfort
  • Designed to flex naturally with the resident’s arm
  • Attaches with easy to use Velcro straps


SKU# Description Size Unit
503230 Visco-Foam Elbow Pad with LSII Cover Universal PR
503240 Visco-Foam Elbow Pads with LSII Cover Universal 36/CS
503310 Synthetic Sheepskin Elbow Pad Universal PR
503320 Synthetic Sheepskin Elbow Pads Universal 36/CS