Cushion Belt
Cushion Belt
Cushion Belt

Cushion Belt

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The Skil-Care Cushion Belt provides waist support and serves as a reminder for the resident not to leave the bed or wheelchair without assistance.  

Cushion Belt Features:

  • The foam padded belt restraint is easy to apply in the wheelchair or bed
  • For wheelchair use, select either tie closure or quick-release buckle
  • In bed, the tie closure allows the resident to roll from side to side
  • Durable and completely launderable


SKU# Description Size Unit
301200 Cushion Belt, Tie Closure for Both Chair and Bed - Webbing 72" 23"L x 6"H EA
301201 Cushion Belt, Buckle Closure Chair Only - Web Belt 54" 23"L x 6"H EA