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AD Trooper Mirror System

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Designed with active people in mind, the AD Trooper Mirror System fits into a medium sized backpack giving you the freedom to take it wherever your lifestyle takes you. The AD Trooper Mirror System includes our lightweight stainless-steel base, one lightweight stainless-steel branch section, three interchangeable mast sections, and a sealed stainless-steel mirror with 41.25 square inches of viewing area. This provides the user with unassisted, hands-free; body viewing flexibility and allows them to perform independent personal care activities.

AD Trooper Mirror System Features:

  • Easy to both assemble and to disassemble
  • Systems can be used standing, seated, or lying down
  • Features stainless steel construction that is durable and hygienic
  • Adjust both the mirror height and viewing position to meet your needs 
  • All sections slip together without tightening or loosening knobs, levers, or fasteners
  • Once the System is adjusted both hands are free to be used to perform the tasks required to maintain your independence.

This lightweight stainless-steel mirror system contains:

  • Horseshoe base (1)
  • Mast Pieces (3) 14”, 16”, & 18”
  • Branch (1)
  • 5.5″ x 7.5″ stainless steel backed mirror, with a full rubber seal, providing 41.25 square inches of viewing area and a 3″ rotation in all directions

Some of the many uses include:

  • Aiding individuals with an Ostomy or Colostomy in cleaning or changing their appliance.
  • Aiding individuals with Diabetes or Amputees in inspecting and cleaning their skin or wounds.
  • Aiding individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries or Disorders in performing personal care activities.
  • Any activity that requires a third hand to make life a little easier to perform routine daily tasks.

Assembly and Use:
AD Trooper Mirror System is designed to assemble quickly and easily, as pieces simply slip together. There are no knobs, cams, or levers. Simply place the branch with the mirror on the base, adjust the mirror rotation and the devise is ready for use.


8.75 lbs


18.25 x 14.25 x 6.25 in

All parts of the AD Trooper Mirror System are manufactured in the USA, using high quality, polished stainless steel for easy cleaning and durability.